Provide food for 100 elderly people in Nepal

Provide food for 100 elderly people in Nepal

Provide food for 100 elderly people in Nepal

Project #20363



This project has been created by Community Development Center Kathmandu Nepal (CDC Nepal) to support those elderly living in different Elderly people’s homes around Kathmandu valley. Those elderly have been suffering from hunger. They do not have good clothes to wear in winter and suitable clothes for the summer season. They do not have a good bed with proper bedclothes for sleeping. Since they have lacked medical treatment, they have been suffering from different kinds of diseases.


There are 60 elderly people home at Budanila Kantha old age home, 40 at Gongabu, 70 at Gausala 20 at Dhumbarai and 15 at Kamaladi, and 25 Thankot Mata Tirtha Bridhashram. They are from 60 to 90 years of age living at those old age homes. Since they have nobody to take care of them and they are helpless they have been taken by different organizations. Since those organizations do not have sufficient resources to support these elderly people, their condition is pitiable.


This project will help collect donations from our friends, relatives’ charity organizations and provide 10 kg rice and USD 10.00 per person per month. In this way, a person will have 120 kg of rice and USD 120 per year. The money and the rice will be helpful to solve their food problem. Now we plan to support them for five years.

Long-Term Impact

This project will be able to feed 100 elderly people from 60 to 90 years old and reduce their hunger and help them save from passing away without food in their last stage of life.